Sawatdee kha! Phatthanasin is a specialty store of carving knives and carving articles. Phatthanasin delivers carving articles originated not only in Bangkok but also in the provinces of Thailand to World wide customers.  

Carving has been a traditional art of Thailand since a Squaw Thai dynasty. Only women in the royal palace were allowed to engage in this art and the royal palace was the only place for them to learn this art in the old times. At present, many elementary school students are learning this art in their classroom. 

However, recently successors in many artistic fields have been decreasing in number not only in carving but also in marai and benjaron. The Government of Thailand has proceeded with the preservation project of traditional arts and carving fans have gradually been increasing in number in Thailand and abroad. 

Carving adds luxury to dishes. Just the thought of finished work thrills carving fans. Opening a carving classroom is hoped. Sense of accomplishment is felt at the completion. Wish for further improvement of technique. It is possible to be absorbed in carving. Carving strikes my friends surprising. 

Phatthanasin takes the course of action to send out information and articles in order to promote cheerfulness and happiness among people as many as possible in the world. 

Please feel free to make an inquiry in English if you have any questions about articles. Thank you for your constant support.

Shop PHATTHANASIN (Thailand)
Owner Napaporn Ratthanachanthanon
Address 51/21 Bangkhao Chomthong Wutthakat Rd. Bangkok 10150 THAILAND